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Hey everyone!

We pivoted to offering Shopify development\design about a year ago in addition to our PHP and WP offering. We've been successful at learning liquid and working on complex shopify sites and designs but so far I have been unable to create an effective workflow for a specific use case, so I thought I'd turn to you all , the pros and gurus!

When we are working on a live shopify site for a client, with an existing theme in place and active customers, we seem to continually run into css issues and design issues flipping back and forth between the dev theme and the live one.

Do any of you have any recommendations on a workflow or process for this?

Shopify support recommended an app that takes a back up but it doesn't copy customer data and seems expensive.
They also mentioned using github but I don't think this solves that particular issue for us in being able to review changes with clients.

Thanks in advance!