Did recent changes break the menu?

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Hi Everyone, 

I have the Jumpstart theme and noticed that the entire menu system recently changed on my store. Rather than having links to things like "Home", "Shop", "Blog", in the header, I now have an empty black bar with a dropdown option in the right corner. Since Jumpstart has not been updated in quite some time I assume this is a change introduced by Shopify. 

I am not overly concerned with the aesthetics of the change on most pages, however, the menus on my custom product pages are completely broken, cutting down the center of the screen (example here). Does anyone know how to revert this change, or even hide the menu altogether? Anything would be better than this.


Thanks in advance for your support!


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Same here - I have three sites using Jumpstart and they all suddenly reverted to drawer/hamburger mode in Chrome. Works fine in Safari.