Different design on product page between dev store & main store - exact same theme

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Hi there !

I'm having a really weird issue with a theme I'm customizing for my company and can't figure out how to solve this. Basically, I have my dev store and the main "not-yet-public" store. Both run the exact same theme. On dev store, everything works just fine, but on main store, all the product-template section just vanished in frontend. Meaning the product pages display only related or recently viewed product. Not the product itself :

Product page in devProduct page in devProduct page in mainProduct page in main


- Live example on main store : https://lestoquesblanchesdumonde.myshopify.com/products/epicerie-sucree-chocolat-noir (pwd: pleist)

- Live example on dev store : https://dev-lestoquesblanchesdumonde.myshopify.com/products/epicerie-sucree-chocolat-noir (pwd: yahfre)

Again, both dev & main store are running the exact same theme (Theme -> Export / Got Zip file => Theme -> Import)


I have tried a couple of things already :

- Creating a second template for product page based on Debut Theme => doesn't change anything

- Preview debut theme on main store, juste to be sure : product page displays OK (but obviously, not the design I expect) 

- Deleting the product description HTML and replace it with "Test" => doesn't change anything

Lastly, when I fire up the console on the page, I do see a request for the document, containing all expected data : 

Capture d’écran 2021-04-21 à 15.07.40.png

I have tried disabling every apps I have :

- Order Printer

- Shopify Emails

- Custom Privacy Banner

It doesn't change anything. 


Anyone here could help me figure out what is going on ? Please  


Looking forward to getting any kind of help. 


Have a good day,


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sorry for this issue 

your date  is missing 



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Hi @KetanKumar  !


Thanks for your reply, but I don't really get your point What do you mean by "your date is missing" ?  

I have given access to the theme to the Support team at wetheme, hope they can solve this !


Have a nice day,


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This is an accepted solution.


So I found the problem. Long story short : I noticed differences in Shopify profiler between dev and production. Something to do with a gift-wrap option. 


Basically, I was setting a product as "gift wrap" in my theme settings_data.json that did not exist in production.


Problem fixed either by adding a product as gift wrap in Theme Customizer OR manually changing the settings_data.json to remove the product stated as "giftwrap_product_selector". 


Have a good day,