Different images for different pages debut theme

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Hi, how are you?


I would like to add a different background image to different sections of my store, my theme is debut.


so for example, the home page one image, the collection page a different image, and then the check out and cart page a different image or non at all.. how can I do this?


I've managed to put an image on the whole theme using this code at the bottom of  the theme.scss.liquid 

 body{background: url({{ "imagen-fondo-1.jpg" | asset_url }});


but I don't know how to modify it so I can use it specifically for the pages I want to change..


help please?... my coding experience is non- existent as im just figuring this out as I go..


thank you so much

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You can create section for each page with schema to achieve this or you can create option in settings for pages where you need image.
Once you create option then you can use your css accordingly with dynamic background image.

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I don't really understand what you mean, could you please do like a step by step with image, im really not good in coding language, where do I even find schema?


thank you so much 😊