Different menu for wholesale customers ?

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I have a separate wholesale section for my online store where customers have access for wholesale products (different pricing). The only problem I'm having trouble with is how add a different menu for wholesale customers than general retail customers.  


Someone mentioned how to do it but it's not working for me, I am using the Brooklyn theme. 


I copied most of the wholesale coding from this link, however when I follow it the menu disappears all together. 




Anyone out there know how to help? Thanks 

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Hi @marcennaw,

I believe the Locksmith app offers a convenient way to hide menu items from certain customers. You can do this based on the "wholesale" tag if you followed the guide from envision.io. 

You might also be interested in the Customer Fields app to help you collect additional data from wholesale customers and use the 'account approval' feature to review, approve, and automate customer tagging during the wholesale customer registration process!

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You have to find where your linklist is looped through. So first off you should tag your customers 'wholesale' or something like that. When you locate your linklist loop, you can make a condition that checks if the customer's tags has 'wholesale' in it, if it does assign a variable that is equal to the handle of the menu that you want to loop through. Lets assume your menu you want most people to see is called "Main Menu", and assume your wholesale menu is called "Wholesale".

{% if customer.tags contains 'wholesale' %}
  {% assign current_linklist = 'wholesale' %}
{% else %}
  {% assign current_linklist = 'main-menu' %}
{% endif %}

{% for link in linklists[current_linklist].links %}
  // code to output your linklist
{% endfor %}


That's essentially the process you'll have to follow. I can do it for you if you need. Just let me know your store url and I can request access to your store and get it done for you.

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