Disabling 'subscribe pop-up' on specific pages or using special link with discount

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Hey there,


I have a question:

So we have pop-up that is displayed for all new visitors and gives 10% discount by default.

Is there a way to disable it when running specific campaign and give same 10% discount, but use a different code code.

Here is a scenario:

Visiting website directly: www.website.com - pop up appears and offers 10% discount for signing up, discount code Welcome10

We are using MailChimp connected via ShopSync to run the pop-up. 


Visiting website from special campaign lands you on www.website.com/discount/WarmWelcome10 

Still gives you 10% discount, but no longer displays pop-up.


I hope it all makes sense and hope someone knows the solution for this :)


Many thanks!