Display Stock Levels at Two Locations

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If you are running a multiple location shopify store is there a way to show

"XX in Stock at Location 1"
"XX in Stock at Location 2"

on a product detail page? Currently on a multi location storefront it takes the stock amount from both and displays it as one:

Location 1 = 15
Location 2 = 10
Displays 25 In Stock

Could these be edited somehow to show specific location of stock?
{{ variant.inventory_quantity }}
{{ current_variant.inventory_quantity }}




Thanks again guys

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Hey again ;-)

  • via vanilla Liquid objects - nope
  • via Storefront API and say JS - nope, Storefront API 5uck5 even more in that regard (I mean, it's awesome otherwise, but for inventory it just says yep, got some, nope got none which is meh)
  • via Admin API - yup, but this is where you enter the realm of needing private / public app, app proxy to relay back to Liquid template and most importantly some VERY aggressive caching because with the API bucket throttling, hitting the API for every product page view would result in tears and very offensive language

Just my 2c!

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Thanks again Karl!

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Hi!, I got this request multiple times, so created an app for it, check it out if you still need the functionality: https://apps.shopify.com/product-inventory-information