Display Weight on COLLECTION page?

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I am currently working on a clients Shopify site. They have requested that the product weight, for each individual product, is pulled through and displayed next to the price on collection pages.


I can't find any documentation either specifically about this, or that as I understand it, would allow me to achieve this.

If I use {{ product.weight | weight_in_units }} in the partial that is pulled through to show my products on the collection page, it shows 0.0lbs, as I assume it's trying to pull the weight on the collection page itself, which of course doesn't exists and is therefore 0. What I'm trying to achieve is showing each products weight under the product in the collection.

Is there any assistance you can provide, or even point me in the direction of the correct documentation?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Please use this if it help you to show weight.
{{ product.variants.first.weight | weight_with_unit }}
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{% for variant in product.variants %} 
{{ variant.weight | weight_with_unit }}
{% endfor %}

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