Display multiple products (including options) on single product page

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I'm trying to create a new product template that will display multiple products (ie. by specific tag) in one single product page. Each of the products options (color and size) should be displayed as select/radio-buttons under each product, and with one single add-to-cart button at the end, that adds all of chosen variants to the cart.

  • Product 1
    • Select size
    • Select color
  • Product 2
    • Select size
    • Select color
  • Product 3
    • Select size
    • Select color
  • Add to cart button 
    • Adds all selected variants to the cart

I've found examples of order pages here, but this just list all products and variants in one go – ideally I would like it to show only products, and then input fields to show/select each products variant(s).


I'm using a customised version of the Timber theme with ajax cart.



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This is exactly what I'm looking to do as well. Hopefully some good advice comes through.