Display total number of reviews on products.

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Hello again


I have this code for products <span class="shopify-product-reviews-badge" data-id="{{ product.id }}"></span> so basically "shopify-product-reviews-badge" is for the stars and {{ product.id }} will link you to the review page of that product. I want to display the total number of product review "after" the stars in parenthesis. I'm using the default Shopify Review App 

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Hi there, getting this set-up is easy :)


  1.  Go into the reviews app 
  2. settings 
  3. Scroll to the bottom for "Badge text"
  4. Change the badge with no reviews text to "(0)"
  5. Change the badge with 1 or more reviews text to "({{product.reviews_count}})"

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Hello, noob here (with no coding knowledge)

Is there an "all.product.reviews_count" version  of ({{product.reviews_count}}) that would return the total number of product reviews in the shop?

If so how would I use it? 

I only want it in the footer, with say, a "Reviews" link that would display the total number of reviews the shop has when clicked.

I do not want to use it in products or collections, etc.  It's as much for my keeping track as for anyone else. 

Or is this not a trivial operation, and I should not be playing around with fire?