Displaying Customer Accounts detail to Public (on a page) - Collecting extra info for display.

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Ok hear me out yall... This is quite the new idea.

1. First I will explain what I am trying to do.

2. Then, I will explain how I am currently doing it. and why it doesn't work well that way (2.1).

3. Lastly, I will mention ways I see it being done and ask how I can get it done.


1. I run a satirical clothing brand - morningwoodacademy.com. The joke is that there are students enrolled in the academy yadda yadda yadda. The deal is that right now I have a page titled "Students" where I want to show who has ordered product. Whoever orders product is then "enrolled in the academy". They can go a step further by somehow entering their Instagram @ to be displayed on the "student" page - with their permission. Their Instagram username will then be displayed on the page showing that they are "enrolled in the academy".

2. Right now I am using Grapevine App to run a survey that collects customer submitted Instagram @ at the order confirmation page. It says something along the lines of "by entering your @ here it will be displayed". Grapevine works alright however I have to go into the app and see the survey results. Grapevine adds their Instagram as a tag on their customer profile as well. Right now, I am manually entering each Instagram @ I receive into the page "Students".

2.1. The reason this does not work well is obviously it takes time and is not automatic. Also, the Instagram @ is not changeable once submitted. This can be fixed by not using a surveyor app like Grapevine and instead enabling customer accounts on my website. In the account page is where I can put the submission box asking for the Instagram. The person can then change it whenever they like to hopefully automatically update.

3. I am not a huge code guy - so it's hard for me to understand how Apps and such link with the actual code of the site. I understand that even if there was a way to feed the data automatically into the simple site page builder, it would have to be constantly republished. That's where I need help. Finding a way to make it automatic, but also dynamic. I need the customer to be able to submit their Instagram in the customer account page only AFTER they have bought something. That info then needs to be routed to the "Students" page. I can see myself using an app like Flits or Customer Fields to get the first part down, however routing the info to a page that consistently republishes a list is where I need help. It would also be ideal for the page to randomize the Instagram @'s in a different order every time it is loaded. This list should also be dynamic. 

Let me know if there is an App that I am missing that can accomplish this task. Let me know any details you know about exporting account details to pages etc. Anything helps.

Also, let me know if this is possible to do on my own or even if a hired code wizard can do it.

Does it need some sort of an open source engine? 


Thank you!

Danny D


EDIT: here is the page in question: https://morningwoodacademy.com/pages/students