Displaying product type under product name

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Hello all, 


I'm using the Streamline theme of Archetype. I would like to add to my product title a short description, that would be shown below the product name on the home page, the collection page and the product page itself.


I figured an easy way to do that would be to use "product type", which other stores with the same theme have done - for instance see here "Boxraw" under the product name: that's what I'm trying to get to. 

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I tried to figure out by myself where to edit the code, but could not find the answer...

If you have any advice to share, that would be hugely appreciated ! Thanks in advance :)






Go to
Online Store-> Themes -> Edit code->Sections->product-template.liquid
search this code

{{ product.title }}

then add below code after that:

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Thanks so much for the answer! 

I actually found another very easy way to do it with the Streamline theme, I'll explain it here in case someone else is looking for a solution: 

- use the "vendor name" field instead: fill it for each product with the product type / description you want to be displayed

- in the product page section of the customization panel check "display vendor name"


Hopefully that will be helpful for other users.