Do I need to know HTML to use Shopify???

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Hello, I'm new to shopify and want to lanch a store to sell t-shirts. I'm fairly happy with the the Ripen template, but would like to make some changes like uploading my own logo, adding a couple of images to the front page and maybe change the colour schemes... Do I need to know HTML & CSS to do this, having had a brief look around tutorial and fourum areas any changes seem to involve changing code. This all seems like double dutch to me, do I need to learn these codes before I do anything? Thanks
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If you want to take a theme and modify the color, then you would need to know at the minimum css. Adding a logo would require a slight modification to the header section of theme.liquid requiring a slite knowlege of html.

Leaving the theme as it is would require no learning of html, css, or liquid.

If you would like to add images to the front page, that is done through the admin interface under the pages section throught the front page blog.

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