Do videos slow down my page speed?

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Hi there,


I have about 50 or so videos on my website. None on my hompage, they are all in different product pages. And they are embeded with Embedresponsively. They are between 5mb and 48mb large.


Question, do videos have an impact on page speed?


Since I don't have any video on my homepage, page speed would only be a concern or the product pages the video is on, correct?


What is the maximum size a video should have?


Thank you. Winfried

Hello jknaturkosmetik,
If video is on the homepage it affect the page speed.
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Hi @jknaturkosmetik it should not have affect on your home page speed. Since they are embedded I believe video will be loaded only when it's played. You can double check with Google Page speed insight app

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Most of the time, yes they affect your load speed.


You can run the page through to get a "waterfall view", this will show you every file that loads on the page, how long it takes, file size, etc.


If your videos are below the page fold (so you have to scroll to see them), you can lazy load them, so they don't show up until the user scrolls them into view. Here's an article I wrote about lazy loading, it applies to images and videos:


To answer your questions specifically:

Since I don't have any video on my homepage, page speed would only be a concern or the product pages the video is on, correct?

That is correct, the assets from your product page do not load on home page (other than shared scripts but not page content).


What is the maximum size a video should have?

The best thing you can do from a performance perspective is put them "under the fold" and lazy load them. Then they won't contribute to page load speed. For above the fold, you want them to be the smallest possible size possible while retaining an acceptable amount of resolution. Videos are heavy so minimizing size is a best practice.


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We have been running ads on a single landing page.

Unfortunately for some reason, this page has gone down from 75(google page load) to 21. Mobile version.

We then deleted the embedded Instagram video, it came down to 49.

But it still is quite slow, what can we do to improve it.