Does Supply Theme have Lightbox installed?

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I need to have product images popup upon clicking, the zoom feature just isnt satisfactory to most customers. at this point if  i could just get a simple popup like the modal cart page or even open up to a new tab. Most of my images are not HQ so the available apps aren’t worth it. how can i "hijack" the modal add to cart page and impliment with product images? is that a lightbox feature?  I did find old threads on this subject but i am concered that 3-4 year old info might be hazardous

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi, Scott!

Freddie here from the Shopify Support team, happy to help.

This feature isn't available on the Supply theme, and adding it would require expert coding knowledge to make these custom changes on your current theme.

There are other free themes from our Themes Store that already come with this feature, which are:

Otherwise, a custom coding solution would be best. You can reach out directly to a Shopify Expert for help on building you a custom solution, or hopefully we see other developers comment here with more coding options!

Let me know if this helps!

Best regards,

Shopify Support -

Freddie | Social Care @ Shopify
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Thank you freddie, i appreciate how shopify makes a point to reply to every thread. I found my solution in Magnific Popup after much investigation. Supply does have the Magnific Popup CSS already in the theme.scss so it was just a matter of downloading the magnific.js then uploading that to assets. i had to modify code on product page and theme.liquid as well as theme.js. yes it was quite involved but definately worth it. i agree that expert coding was required although i am not an expert but i supplemented lack of experience with sheer investment of time. 

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Hi Scott,

Would you kindly share the code changes you had to do to get Lightbox to work on the Supply theme? I'm trying to do this now, and need help! Thanks!

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It would be fantastic if you could share the code you used to enable lightbox in the Supply Theme