Does anyone know how i can do this?

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How can i get the navigation from you have been in store showing in the example below



I get how i could link it up on every individual page i've done that before from coding, but is there a way of coding it into the template easier?

if any one can help me with this pleas quote me.

kind regards cindy

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Shopify does has some basic breadcrumb functionality (see here but I had some real struggles with it using the Debut theme. 

Basically you're forced to nest hierarchies of products through collection management, but the Shopify breadcrumb API doesn't follow those rules. Even using a Shopify support helper (external) couldn't get this to a reasonable standard. No doubt someone will point to you a third party app at additional cost, but you would have thought this basic level of functionality would be included in Shopify.

Overall I was very disappointed with the level of support on this - but if you find a good solution let me know.  

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I agree , I don’t understand why something so basic isn’t included? 🤷🏻‍