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I operate the Pennsylvania Parks Fund. We have 67 counties we manage the program for. I would love to have a page on my website dedicated to simply the progress of each county. The progress bar would show what was raised, what our goal is etc. I find nothing when searching via google. Its like finding a progress bar freestanding doesnt exist. Its built in with some platforms but doesnt appear you cant simply add it to Shopify. I cant believe there are no apps on shopify to add multiple progress bars. Anyone know of anywhere to start?


I found this website and I love it however, you cant simply update it by editing the code... each time you want to update the code, you have to delete the current one and add a new one. This will be a pain doing this for 67 counties in PA.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi, @Justin34!


Julie here from Shopify Support. 


Adding a donation progress bar to your website is a great idea and can definitely help boost engagement. While you could consider hiring a Shopify Expert to build out a custom solution for you, there are also a few apps in the Shopify App Store that offer this feature. Some apps I recommend checking out include: 


These apps all have great reviews and integrate directly with Shopify, making it easy to get started. While these apps are commonly used for crowdfunding campaigns, they are also quite popular amongst merchants like yourself who are looking to collect donations. All three of these apps allow you to embed a progress bar on your website, and even give you the ability to add multiple progress bars so that you can track donations amongst all 67 counties. 


On each app page, you'll be able to view screenshots and example stores so that you can get a good sense of what the app looks like in the back end, as well as on the front end of your website. They also include links to their FAQs directly under the Support section, as well as contact information should you need to get in touch with the developers for support. Feel free to take advantage of their free trials so you can test them out for yourself! Just make sure to uninstall any apps you no longer wish to use prior to the free trial expiring so that you can avoid being charged. 


As you continue working on implementing this feature and collecting donations, I recommend checking out our case study on the the Calgary Public Library Store. This case study offers suggestions on how you can collect donations online, along with a few app suggestions. I think you'll find it pretty insightful.


I hope this helps guide you in the right direction. Let me know what you think about these apps!

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify
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