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So I am wanting to have my items appear under Apparel > Tees as well as appear under the Collections menu option. I have figured out how to add the items to a collection, which would have a drop down under the collections menu tab; however, I can't figure out how to get my t-shirts to show up under Apparel > Tees. When I create the collection, it will automatically be placed under the Collections drop down menu and not the Apparel menu. I hope this is making sense. 

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Hey, @Dawnmarie00!


My name is Lilith, I'm on the Social Care team at Shopify. I'd be thrilled to help with this!


Sounds like you're having a great productive day with setting up your navigation! This is definitely an important part of the entire site, super glad you're taking the time to make sure you have it on-point.


From what you're describing I'm going to guess you want something that looks sort of like this where both of the dropdown menu items will go to the same collection, correct?






I've sectioned off some steps to make sure you get to the goal you're looking for!


Setup Collections 1st


Since you're wanting a collection of all your T-Shirts in one group, I'd recommend creating a new collection just for T-Shirts. This step can't be skipped.






Collections are just a way to group the products on the back end. This isn't related to your creating your menu here. These are groups of products to organize your admin better.


You can create as many collections as you want in your admin. They're super helpful to get your site navigation working well and it'll save you headaches later down the road when trying to group your products together in the most effective ways.


You've got 2 options to create that collection.


Option 1: Create a collection and add products automatically to it using the guide here.


Option 2: Create the collection and add products manually to it using the guide here.


I would personally recommend using the automatic adding of products to these collections. This way when you add new products down the road you don't have to manually go into each collection to add that product to the group.


Here's an example of how a manual collection can be made just for T-Shirts:






Add Navigation Menu Items Next


Now that you've got collections created and products are all sorted into them, you can now link them up on your menu.


The navigation is 100% only about linking pages that you've already created in your admin. This menu isn't going to create collections or sort out automatically where each menu item will go.


You can follow the guide here on how to add menu items and link them up. Each menu item can be called whatever you want, and you can link up any page or collection to it.


In those steps, you'll be able to select the collection you want, such as Tees. This is after you've created that "Tees" collection in the first step of this post of course.


Here's an example of how I did this in my test account:






Let me know how you do with the information above! I'm happy to answer any questions you think of as you work on your business.

Lilith | Social Care @ Shopify
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