Dropdown Meganav is too long for small screens

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I'm using a 3-level dropdown nav (https://crazyloveco.com/ • Atlantic Theme), one of my dropdowns (Landmark Love) is 19 items long. On my large screen I see them all, but on a small laptop screen the menu is chopped off with no ability to scroll within the menu to see the lower items. Is there a good solution for this? Perhaps an ability to scroll?


I've tried to add some code from another post that essentially lets the menu only go 10 tall, then makes another column — though I'm not having any luck implementing.


Any suggestions or thoughts? It seems a scrolling ability within the nav itself may be the best solution with the 3rd level dropdown staying intact.


Thank you!




Kindly add the below code into your themes css file.

ul#header-dropdown-landmark-love {
    max-height: 550px;
    overflow: auto;

For the css file go to Online Store->Asset->theme.scss.css

Let me know if you have issue.

Thank you :)

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