Dropdown menu creation via upload/Category (collection) layout

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Our website is as such:

(Menu 1-4, across the top of main page) NCAA  NFL  NBA  MLB

Then under each of those, is a list of teams, with NCAA having well over a hundred

Then we need to nest yet another level under each team for the product type (ie, Mens, Women's, shirts, bags, stickers, etc up to 19 each)


So in one category tree, it would be NCAA > Duke Blue Devils > (then 19 subcategories specific to Duke)


We just have so many, we are unsure how to structure this correctly, or how to do it in bulk. Maybe we just do not understand the correct way to go about this.


For an example, please see https://www.teamstores.com


You will see you can hover over NCAA, then select a team (please select Duke Blue Devils as it is one that has the next level of categorization). Once you click Duke Blue Devils, you are taking to the Duke Page that has all products in it, but then you will see a list of subcategories across the top, so you can then click Balls, Bags, and Backpacks, and be shown only the items in that specific tree (NCAA > Duke > Balls, Bags, Backpacks).


Any help/advice is appreciated