Duplicate collection template (OOTS Flex theme)

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Hi all,

I'd like to duplicate the collection template (Out Of The Sandbox Flex theme) so that one collection page displays the product info differently to other collection pages.

I duplicated the collection.liquid file (in templates).

I duplicated the collection__main.liquid file (in sections).

I found the product-thumbnail__product-info.liquid file (in snippets) and this is the file that I want to edit for my new collections page. (The file, in other themes is usually product-grid-item.liquid.) I'm going to add additional info using metafields to the product info on a collection page.

If I duplicate this product-thumbnail__product-info.liquid file, I don't know which file to then edit that tells my new collection page to use the new product-thumbnail__product-info.liquid file to display product info.

Can anyone provide any insight. I've spent hours looking for it!

Many thanks,