Duplicating home-page header to all pages [Brooklyn]

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I want the home-page header on all of my pages. It has the nav menu on top of the slideshow. 

I changed the if statements in the header.liquid file "template.name == 'index' " to "template.name == page". That did not work. I have tried adding {%sections 'slideshow'%} to the page, however the slideshow isn't at the top of the page or the width of the page. How can i replicate the header on the home page? 


This photo shows what I want the header to look like on my pages http://prntscr.com/n6fw96, its a slideshow behind the top navigation menu. 

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You could add conditions e.g. 

{%- if template.name == 'index' or template.name == 'collection' or template.name == 'product' %}   etc