Dynamically update product / variant pricing based on customer choices

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Hi All,

Apologies I know this has been asked, but i cannot find an answer.
I have a picture framing store. My products cost is made up of all the component elements that going into making the framed print, literally down to the ink cost, all based on a per sqaure mm basis. 
The prints themselves have potentially 5 seperate options, size, frame style, mount style, mount colour 1, mount colour 2, and with the number of potential choise the client could make, we are looking at 24,500 seperate variants.
I can break this all down into smaller products to sit within the 100 variant limit, but it would take me weeks to input all the data.

My question is, is there an easy way to dynamically update the product price using javascript based upon the clients choices. 
I have setup Line Item options, and based on the excel file that we have that works out all the pricing, we could write a javscript function that would work out the price based on the customers choices. We just need to know how to update the Price of the product so that when they add it to the cart, their choices are reflected in the cart and checkout.

I have been litterally at this for days, ive looked at various apps including Bold's product options, but that would involve adding all the variant options (24,500) whereas i know i can get javascript to do the grunt work!

Pleeeease help, my sanity is weakening by the minute!




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Hi Tim - curious to see if and how you were able to solve this? Please provide an update if you can!