Edit CONTINUE SHOPPING button text [debut theme]

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Hi, we recently started a new Shopify site at hubbahubba.com using the Debut Theme.

Our store is not open yet (coming soon).

On the empty cart page we'd like to edit the CONTINUE SHOPPING button so it just says CONTINUE (since people can't shop yet).

Under EDIT LANGUAGES < CART we updated the cart page TITLE and EMPTY message (see screen shot) but when we tried to edit the CONTINUE SHOPPING button to say CONTINUE it did not change. How do we change the button so it says CONTINUE instead of CONTINUE SHOPPING? (until our store is open) Thanks! -Ed


2019-11-09.pngCan't edit CONTINUE SHOPPING button text!



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Hi, @edrandall,


You must edit Languages > general > 404 > Link.

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