Edit Search Result Page To Show Same Format as Product Page

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I've been customizing my Minimal theme shopify store by reading & copying codes from various Shopify Community posts (which have all been working nicely so far) but i've been stuck on this issue where my Search Result Page does not display products exactly the same as the Product or Collection Page.

When i view the products in Product or Collection Page (see 1st photo below), (1) the SOLD OUT button is visible since inventory is zero (2) Vendor name is showing on top of product title (3) Product title is shown below the vendor (4) Compare at Price is shown on the left in black font and strikethrough while Price is shown on the right in red font

On the other hand, my Search Result Page (see 2nd photo below) (1) does not show SOLD OUT button (2) does not show vendor at all (3) does not show prices the way the product page was coded


(1) Is there any way to fix the Search Result Page to look exactly like the Product or Collection Page? Also, (2) is there a way to add a drop-down menu in Search Result Page to sort search result by price or alphabetically? Appreciate anyone's feedback. Thank you in advance


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