🤔 Edit section on Wookie Theme

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Hello the Shopify Community!


I hope you are doing well


I'm contacting you regarding a section template modification that seems quite simple and would help me a lot!


I only sell 1 product, so I would like to put almost all my content on the Homepage: mostly titles, and images + texts, but I quickly reached the 25 sections limit on the Homepage...


I use the Wookie Theme which have a "Image plus text" section that I would like to modify to be able to :

  • Add multiple "Text plus image" template within the same section (then I could have multiple "Text plus image" layouts within the same section, so I wouldn't reach the 25 sections limit)
  • Be able to switch from image to left to image to right as I wish (as I can do today on this section, but with only 1 "Text plus image" layout for 1 section)


Do you have an idea on how I could proceed to do that?


Here is the liquid code of this "Text plus image" section (sorry I couldn't copy all of it in my message) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yy4C3faYGimTbbuFZJs37jV3lmrkyIzD/view?usp=sharing 


Many thanks in advance for your help, I would be very grateful if someone could give me a hand


Best regards,