Editing "Linked Options" for products

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I'm using Caroline Schnapps awesome "Linked Options" - http://wiki.shopify.com/Linked_Options

Everythings working as intended, but i've recently adapted having the selector start having the value "Select a color" to make sure the customer actively picks a color.

My problem is that it now shows something like this: 

Size: Pick a size

I'll like to remove the "Size" label and just have the dropdown menu stand alone. 

You can see it here: http://coverme.dk/products/thin-laptop-cover 

What i'll like to achieve is for both of the dropdowns/variant selectors to look like this: http://coverme.dk/products/tweed-ipad-cover

Anyone who knows how to change to code to accomodate that? 


Any help or suggestions is much appriciated. 

Best regards


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