Ella Theme | Change amount of Characters in Textbloc

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Hey Shopify-Community,

this is my first post and befor writing it, I was trying to figure how to solve my issue on my own, even though I think it's a rather small topic:

We're currently using Ella Theme and there's a so called 'Custom Collection Midle' section, which displays up to 5 Image+Text Blocs on a page.

Problem with the Text Blocs:
They're limited to a certain number of characters, which I want to change / increase.
Could be with truncate of certain text, but doesn't have to.

What I've tried so far is adding 'height' to the .banner-des Code in the theme-styles.scss.liquid:

    .banner-des {
        max-width: 425px;
        height: 200px; (added line)
        margin-left: auto;
        margin-right: auto;
        margin-bottom: 35px;
        &.has-coundown {
            margin-bottom: 25px;


This works out and changes the height of the text box (well, there's this huge space between the actual text and the Link 'Styles für Männer' as you can see in the Screenshot),
but it still does not display the full text (which is edited through the backend). 

Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-16 um 20.47.05.png

Full Text should be:

Pellentesque posuere orci lobortis scelerisque blandit. Donec id tellus lacinia an tincidunt risus an consequat delit quisquemos. Lorem Ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum. Test 123456 Hallo Hallo Hallo. WENN DIESER TEXT ERSCHEINT HAT ES GEKLAPPT. (Red Text should be displayed as it is written in the backend field.

Any idea on how to fix this?

Highly appreciate your suppport.
Best regards