Elomus - Theme ??

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Hey guys, so I want to buy Elomus which is a theme & I think it'll be perfect for a one product store. It costs $56 & it's my first time buying a theme. So the question is:


1. Am I going to be able to use it multiple time (building different project/brand) ? or Is it just for a one use?

2. Is it possible to add videos to this theme (home page, product page...)??



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According to shopify:

"When you buy a theme from the Shopify Theme Store, that theme is licensed only to the store that you originally buy it for. If you want to transfer a theme license to another store, then you need to contact Shopify Support."




As for question 2, the possibility of adding video to your site always exists. It may not be natively supported by the theme, as I don't see any videos in their demos, but you could hire an expert to develop the ability for you on your index page and you can always manually embed a video onto your product description.

If you'd like to make any edits to your store, please send me a personal message and we can discuss what you'd like to accomplish :D
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