Email notification customization

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Hello. I hope this is in the right place.

I am looking at customizing the email notification templates for my store. I am pretty advanced in HTML & CSS code etc but am struggling to work with the email notifications setup.

Editing the CSS with inline syling seems long winded and updating your page to see code changes is also not available? Along with the notepad like file in which you edit the code doesnt follow any format to assist with html coding?

I am looking for your suggestions on how to edit this code and view changes live as you make them? Like a sandbox but one that could support Shopify liquid variables? I ideally would like something like the edit code portal you use to style your online store!

Please note: I have tried Klavio and Omnisend and a couple of other apps but im not really a fan.

All feedback is appreciated! Thankyou.
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It sounds like I have a similar issue. I want the new order email notification that's sent to me (the store owner) to include more information, like the name of the business, customer comments, account information. I don't see a way to find code for this on this page.