Embed Klaviyo Sign Up Sheet on Shopify Landing Page

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Hi there, 


My questions is about how to properly embed a sign-up form from Klaviyo into the Shopify webpage that I want it to embed into. I'm following the proper procedures on the Klaviyo help center, but my problem is the layout of the Shopify theme that I currently have and I don't want to change anything about the theme in case I mess up anything. If I can receive a couple of suggestions as to how to properly embed it to the website, I would sincerely appreciate it!!  I'm also wondering why it's not showing up because I created a landing page for the sign-up form and used the HTML setting to embed it, and it works for some and doesn't for others, which is why I wanted to reach out for the proper procedure in the first place.

Thank you for your help!! I know it was confusing to read, so please don't hesitate to reach out for any clarification! I am also available to talk through the form if needed.


Anareli Larios

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  • Begin by visiting: YOUR-STORE.myshopify.com/admin/pages
  • Select the page where you want the form or select Add page button.
  • Click into the source (< >).
  • Copy and paste the embedded signup form code into the source.
    However if you are unable to get it done i can do this for you.
    Click the link below to contact me am always at your service.
    Or message me on my gmail
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Can you change the main landing page so instead of your store, visitors see the landing page with the Kayvio signup form?  I need to do this during my pre-launch period while I'm still building out the rest of the store.