Embed react app into shopify theme

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I am trying to create a shopify store to sell custom t-shirts . I am hoping to use an existing theme from the shopify theme store so i don’t have to code up a home page, FAQ page, cart page, etc. I will however need one custom page that is not in a theme. I have developed this page as a React app. This page allows users to design what they want on the t-shirt.


1)What is the best approach to integrate my react app into an existing storefront theme? Essentially I want to embed this app inside a product page of the theme. Is a script tag or App proxy the correct approach?


2)How can I have a user add their completed t-shirt design to the cart from with my react app? I want to eventually link back to the theme's cart page.


3)The completed t-shirt design will be jpg/png. How can I add this image to the order so that I can later retrieve it from the Admin panel or shopify API (for printing after checkout is completed)?


Thanks in advance.