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Theme: Debut

URL: https://zenpibble.com/products/zen-cleanpawtm-a-pibble-paw-dirt-and-mud-cleaner


I've embedded a youtube video in the product description but it's not showing. I have no idea why ... please help!

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 there is a little button on the side of the product description page " <>" this is what it look like, you must click this before you add the code, then switch it back


@MitchMitchell that doesn't work. I've tried to add the iframe embed code via that button and also the video button. It shows on the backend but not on the live website.


@Jasoliya @Ninthony  @oscprofessional  Hey guys, can you please help me with this? 


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This is an accepted solution.

I simply ended up using Shogun Page Builder to make the product page much better overall, including adding in videos and everything else easily.

Hi @Yugen!


My name is Charles Wecker with technical support from Shogun Page Builder.  It's great to hear that you were able to resolve your problem using our application.  If you ever have any questions please feel free to reach out anytime.  Have a great day!

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What about for those of us not using Shogun?

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I just came across a similar case where the embedded video didn't show up on a page, you could see the video on the back-end but not when previewing the storefront. I then inspected the page and noticed that the video container's height was "0". Added some CSS code and the video showed up!


.fluid-width-video-wrapper {
  position: relative;
  height: 50vh;


Hopefully this can help someone else experiencing the same issue.


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I am having the same problem, it's frustrating. How do I resolve it?