Empire Theme and Avatar Theme

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I'm currently using the free Supply theme from Shopify. I have installed the trial versions of two themes from the Shopify Theme Store and have been testing both, Empire and Avatar. I like the Empire theme as it seems to have more capability for my needs. However I've read so many bad reviews for it and the support team not responding when needed. I also see they are constantly updating it which could be a good sign or either a bad sign. Avatar is fairly new and I can't seem to find much documentation or reviews on it. 

Does anyone currently use either of these themes or have used them? My shop has about 250 products now and will continue to grow, so I'm looking for a theme to handle large inventories, easy to use, compliant, etc. My niche is Pet Accessories. 

Suggestions on what you consider is good large inventory theme and why you like them would be appreciated.