Enhance speed loading and intercede CSS to edit interface

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Hi all, I'm Nhu, I also use Shopify template for my shop, I have 2 questions if you all know about this, please help.
1. I want to intercede CSS to edit interface, detailly is name of products. Do you know if I can do it and how I can do it?
2. I want to enhance the speed loading of website, cause the current speed is too low. If we upgrade the package, can it help? Or we use another host server, can it work? If you have any solutions, please tell me.
Thanks in advance.
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For #1, if you're saying you want to change the design of your theme by using CSS you can do that in the Shopify admin at Online store > Themes > Actions > Edit code.


If you're not familiar how to edit themes or find what CSS to edit, I have a guide: How to Safely Edit Your Shopify Theme.


For speed optimization, the usual suspects that slow down a site are:

- theme not optimized

- lots of 3rd party apps


To get started on optimization, run your site through the Shopify Analyzer. That's a tool my team built specifically for analyzing and optimizing Shopify sites. It will give recommendations and tips how to optimize.

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