Error with Tag Group Tags

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Hello! I use the Venue theme and in order to filter all our products, we use tag groups. 

Everything was totally fine up until a few days ago. I noticed that all of a sudden, even tags with part of the word in them, we're trying to create a tag group. For example, I have a tag group for Color that's tagged like Color_Red and on the live site there's the big filter group for color, and red is an option under that. I also have a general tag for colorful which is really intended for searching. My theme is trying to create a filter option for 'Ful', so it's reading that the word color is present and trying to fill in the rest. It's doing the same thing for the Room tag group. I'll have tags like Room_Bedroom and there's a correct filter for it but then a second filter group showing up as oom (as the tag group) and each tag has an r then the room, then an r, like rBedr. I just don't understand what's happening or where the glitch came from

I've double-checked my products to make sure nothing is tagged in a weird way. I'm not sure what's causing this issue or if Shopify has changed how tag groups work. Any help would be appreciated!