Errors importing products via CSV

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Hi, I'm trying to import products from CSV onto my website. I've managed to figure out 3 errors but this one has me stumped. Option 2 Name to Variant Inventory Tracker and variant barcode to image alt text is blank in the CSV but not included in the below example, Variant weight is lb which is also not included in the example but in the CSV. I read that it had to do with option 1 name and value which is filled in correctly I think and I'm still getting the same error. Below is the error and an example of one of the lines. 


Title             Body      Vendor    Type    Tags   Published   Option1Name   Option 1 Value  Variant Inventory  

Konica                        Konica                             True             Title                    Default Title      deny


Variantfulfilment  Variantprice  Variantcompareatprice  variantrequireshipping  Variant taxable  Gift card

manual                    100                                                              TRUE                                TRUE                    False


Please advise me what to do. Thank you.


  • Line 2-96: Validation failed: The variant 'Default Title' already exists.


HandleTitleBody (HTML)VendorTypeTagsPublishedOption1 NameOption1 ValueOption2 NameOption2 ValueOption3 NameOption3 ValueVariant SKUVariant GramsVariant Inventory TrackerVariant Inventory QtyVariant Inventory PolicyVariant Fulfillment ServiceVariant PriceVariant Compare At PriceVariant Requires ShippingVariant TaxableVariant BarcodeImage SrcImage PositionImage Alt TextGift Card
TonerKONICA MINOLTA BLACK DEVELOPING UNIT Konica MinoltaDV512TRUETitleDefault Title      1denymanual100 TRUETRUE    FALSE