Estimated Delivery Time based on stock status

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This is my code I have now:


 <div class="in-stock">
              <p>Beschikbaar: <span class="stock">{% if product.available %}Op Voorraad</span>
{% else %}<span class="out-of-stock">Niet op voorraad
{% endif %}</span></p> </div>

The problem with this is as followed:


When products hit stocklevel 0 the stock status will change to "Not in stock" IF products are not available to order for customers. 


What I need:


When products hit stock level 0, the stock status needs to change in something like "Delivered in 1-3 days" but still be available to order for customers. Right now it will show: "In Stock".



Could anybody help me with how to code this? I have HTML/CSS and PHP knowledge but this is the first time setting up something in Shopify.. 






Never mind. With some coding experience it is very easy to add this. For people who are looking for the same feature, this is the code I used:


Beschikbaar: <span class="stock">{% if current_variant.inventory_quantity > 0 and current_variant.available %}Op Voorraad</span>
{% elsif current_variant.inventory_quantity == 0 and current_variant.available %}<span class="out-of-stock">Geleverd in 1-3 dagen</span>
{% else %}<span class="out-of-stock">Niet op voorraad</span>{% endif %}