Extra sales channel possibly causes the product to become unavailable

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I'm developing a store for a customer, and something very odd happened.
At some point an extra sales channel appeared in the Product's page, so when I go to check on which sales channels the product is available on, I get two options "Online Store" and "<clientName> - development", and the product can be available for either of those channels.

However, this extra channel is not listed if I go to "Settings" -> "Sales Channels" (there is only "Online Store" available there), and noone really knows when this sales channel appeared.

And as an extra, we're having problems with one product in particular which unsubscribes itself from Sales Channels and makes itself unavailable.
We're not tracking quantity on this product, so it's not a matter of the product running out.

There isn't any proof that these two behaviours are connected, but any help would be appreciated, as I've not been able to track down either of these problems.