Failed Query Loading - Slowing down website loading speed

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I have just came across a big issue on my website where something is failing to load when I visit my website. This is new as it was not happening before. 


It looks like some code from an app is failing. I will attach images. 

Screenshot 2019-05-13 at 15.59.10.png

I am not a coder but I am capable of checking the liquid files and remove anything we don't use etc and can't find anything to do with the app in there. We no longer use the 3-products app either so i dont know why its still trying to load any of its files.



Any help with removing this from my website would be amazing as its really messing up the speed on every page. Sales have also been down past few days which is making me think its down to this...






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What is your page speed score? Visit google page speed insights and find out how you can improve your site. You can also use GT Metrix. Don't delete anything just yet, until you know exactly what it is, and why it's running. ALWAYS duplicate your theme as a fallback. Even if you uninstall an app, always re use the duplicate theme, because they leave code in there that may still run and throw errors since it breaks the application. Should be an easy fix- Check the console for errors. Check your page speed. Those should give you good indicators to what's going on with your speed. If you want to share your url, i could probably tell you exactly what's going on with your site.

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