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Hi everyone,

Earlier I had some posts in this thread about how you could go about editing your Supply theme to work with fancybox v1.3.4.  Those posts seem to have been wiped out - the timing was around an upgrade to the forum's code highlighter, so that may have been why.

Anyways, I have a link here to my personal GitHub repo where I have instructions on how to set up Supply with the Fancy Box plugin.  Just hit the "Download ZIP" button in the lower part of the right-hand sidebar and open up supply-fancybox-setup.html with your browser of choice.

Something else I covered in my old responses was addressing the sentiment that Shopify was not supporting the theme.  Shopify does support this theme, but support does not mean we will code up every new feature requested.  All themes are designed differently and have different features that you are able to preview in the theme store before publishing.  If you would like additional features to your theme, or your clients are asking for features that you are not able to satisfy, then I recommend reaching out to a designer or developer from our list of curated Shopify Experts.

Good luck with the code edits, everyone!

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Nathan - I've been checking in on this thread for th past 3-4 months and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Your post above with links on how to set this up is exactly what I have been trying to find, and have now implemented lightbox on our product pages. This is massive for us as we constantly get customers telling us our images are too small.

Just one question - when you click on the main product image to launch the lightbox and then start to scroll through each product image, it displays the main product image twice (presumably because it occupies the main image + one thumbnail?). Any way of getting around this?

Thanks again!

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Well sorry to bring an old post back to life, but hopefully Nathan is still around as seems the links to fancybox no longer work.. and also since supply has been upgraded so much I wonder what versions this would work on... Can you update the instructions again when you have time so we can get this implemented? (At the time of this post Supply theme is up to VERSION 9.0.2)

I wish Shopify made it easier to know the versions of the themes and have a changelog on each so we could easily update when new versions are out and to see what changes there were.

[ BTW...If others didn't know you can view the theme version you are running by going to Themes > Customize > Theme Settings Tab - There in the bottom left will display the theme version number... You can goto the theme store, download the latest version, and check its version the same way to see if the store version is newer ]