Favicon not showing on Checkout page

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Favicon icon is showing on all of my pages but it is not showing on checkout.shopify.com/..

Website: www.woodin.in



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Hi Sam,

Hugh here from Shopify. I hate to bring bad news to you, however, it is not possible to have the Favicon used on your site show in the checkout page on the store. 

This is because the checkout pages are hosted on our secure server, separate from what is used to display the rest of the site, before the checkout pages. All Shopify stores on standard plans experience this, and no custom Favicons can be used. The only plan type that can customize checkout pages are Plus accounts.

Please let me know if you had any other questions about this!

Happy selling! :)

This is the least that shopify should allow us to have. Everyone loses - The client that doesn't trust the shop and leaves, the shop owner that lost a sale, and shopify with reputation.

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This is stupid. Shopify should allow this feature to everyone. Customers will just end up leaving, which is ultimately bad for Shopify merchants and Shopify itself. You know, since not as many people will keep their store open.

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since one month on shopify and still not ready with migration. everyday i discover a new basic feature which is not supplied if you don't pay huge amount of money (which is for a small shopkeeper)


  • Favicon only on homepage
  • no captcha on forms
  • no free url modify (only the last piece possible)
  • .
  • .
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