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I want to change the size of the heading text for some of the sections on my home page e.g. Featured Products, Shop Categories etc. I am using the Pixel Union Pacific theme but there is no option to change this font size individually. 


I am reasonably comfortable in making these changes in the code BUT am new to Shopify and not sure where within the code I can locate this section to change the font size. Possibly I need to add a new line of code to a specific area?  


Can anyone point me in the right direction? Screenshot of section below, URL is https://alta-surf.myshopify.com/ and password 'alta'. 





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hope you doing well

paste you code bottom of theme.scss.css


.home-module .section-title {

 font-size: 22px;

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Worked great, thanks Perennial!


One other minor tweak Im having a bit of trouble with is adjusting the padding/margin of the Menu and Icons in the header. By default they are aligned to the middle of the logo. I would like to set the alignment to the bottom of the header so the are inline with the bottom of the logo and not in the middle. 


Are you able to tell me where to locate this section in the code? Any suggestions on the best change would also be super helpful.