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I'm trying to get a file upload form field to work.  I've gotten to point where it emails us the data from the fields, but the file does not get attached.  The goal here isn't to allow a customer to upload a file in the cart, instead just a page (in this case a careers page where people can submit their resume to us).  Any assistance would be appreciated! 

The email content comes across as this:

Contact Form Submission:

  Name: test

  Email: test!

  Phone Number: 5555555555

  Body: asfdasf

  Translation Missing En Contact Form File:

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You can't use the contact form to send a file - it doesn't support it.
You'd want to look at third partt form providers like wufoo or jotform, or consider an app.

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Hey @Justin_Kallhoff 

You might be interested in using our app Careers Page Pro to manage your job listings and allow job seekers to submit their resumes.