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I've been struggling with an issue the last few days that I know is a pretty common one, however I can't find the correct answer in the forums. Essentially I need to filter my collection using a combination of tags, but use ANY tags instead of ALL tags.

For example I have a collection of clothing, tagged with "Designer1", "Designer2", and "Designer3", and in the left hand sidebar I have checkboxes listing those as tags available in the collection.

If I select Designer1, it filters the collection to show products tagged with Designer1. Which is good. However if I then ALSO select Designer2, I want to filter the list to show all products tagged with Designer1 OR Designer2.

Right now it seems like the tag add/remove links will only show products that have ALL of the tags. What I need is to show products with ANY of the tags (AND vs. OR).

I have seen the QueryString app, and essentially need the exact functionality of their demo - - but I feel like there might be a simpler (and cheaper) solution that I'm missing. It also feels like this is pretty basic functionality that Shopify should include, seeing as how the tag system is already in place.

Does anyone have any insight on how I might get this to work?

My store address - (pass: 123) - see Refine by Designer in the sidebar.

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You cannot have an OR, you can only have an AND. When a collection is filtered with more than one tag, products must be tagged with all of those tags or they won't be listed!

Given this, what you likely want would be to filter with one tag max. You'll need to edit your collection.liquid template for this, as per these instructions.

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Hello. Do we have any solution for this now?