Filters to define the search results

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Hi there,

Is there a way to get the Shopify filters to be more intuitive for customers? The default is that the functions work as an AND (and only as an AND) constraint. This means that if a customer clicks on one of the filters - only those products with that tag will be shown. If the customer then clicks on another filter - only products with both those tags will be shown. Is it possible to have it as an OR function. Where if the customer clicks on two tags then products with EITHER of those tags will be shown.

The ramifications are that we want to have multiple options for the customer to define what products to be displayed. For example:

When customer clicks on a filter it means we need to track that tag. If there are multiple clicked within the same category e.g. CAT-A then we show all of those that are clicked. If there are clicked from different category e.g. one from CAT-B and one from CAT-A then we show results which must have both tags.
So if customer clicks on White (from CAT-A), Rose (from CAT-A), Round (from CAT-B), Special (from CAT-C) - then the results should show all products that have:
White and Round and Special, and
Rose and Round and Special


Perhaps there is a app extension that does this?