First Link in Blog/Article Messes Up Formatting, Links Random Text Back to Itself in Debut Theme

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Hi folks!

I'm running into a problem with the Shopify blog in the Debut theme. We enter in clean text for the blog, but consistently the first link messes up the formatting in the article, and there is a large swath of text that is linked back to the article itself. Whatever code is doing this is NOT in the code view in the blog, and not in the code when I "View Source" of the page.


Is this something in the liquid somewhere that is causing this?

{% include 'gravityadmin' %}
<div style="display: none !important;  visibility: hidden !important;" class="cmspro-section" id="cmspro-d38ad2c3"></div>
<div class="section-header text-center">
  <h1 class="article__title" id="title-0">{{ article.title }}</h1>
  {% if section.settings.blog_show_author %}
    <span class="article__author">{{ 'blogs.article.by_author' | t: author: }}</span>
  {% endif %}

  {% if section.settings.blog_show_date %}
    <span class="article__date">
      {{ article.published_at | time_tag: format: 'date' }}
  {% endif %}
<a href="{{ article.url }}" class="article__link">
            {% if article.image %}
              {% capture img_id %}ArticleImage-{{ }}{% endcapture %}
              {% capture img_wrapper_id %}ArticleImageWrapper-{{ }}{% endcapture %}
              {%- assign img_url = article.image | img_url: '1x1' | replace: '_1x1.', '_{width}x.' -%}

              {% include 'image-style', image: article.image, height: 600, wrapper_id: img_wrapper_id, img_id: img_id %}
              <div id="{{ img_wrapper_id }}" class="article__grid-image-wrapper js">
                <div class="article__grid-image-container" style="padding-top:{{ 1 | divided_by: article.image.aspect_ratio | times: 100 }}%;" data-image-loading-animation>
                  <img id="{{ img_id }}"
                      class="article__grid-image lazyload"
                      data-src="{{ img_url }}"
                      data-widths="[180, 360, 540, 720, 900, 1080, 1296, 1512, 1728, 2048]"
                      data-aspectratio="{{ article.image.aspect_ratio }}"
                <div class="article__grid-image-wrapper">
                  {{ article | img_url: '345x345', scale: 2 | img_tag: article.title, 'article__grid-image' }}
            {% endif %}
<div class="rte">
  {{ article.content }}

{% if section.settings.show_share_buttons %}
  {% include 'social-sharing', share_title: article.title, share_permalink: article.url, share_image: article.image %}
{% endif %}

{% schema %}
  "name": {
    "cs": "Příspěvky",
    "da": "Opslag",
    "de": "Posts",
    "en": "Posts",
    "es": "Publicaciones",
    "fi": "Julkaisut",
    "fr": "Articles",
    "it": "Articoli",
    "ja": "投稿",
    "ko": "게시물",
    "nb": "Innlegg",
    "nl": "Berichten",
    "pl": "Posty",
    "pt-BR": "Posts",
    "pt-PT": "Publicações",
    "sv": "Inlägg",
    "th": "โพสต์",
    "tr": "Gönderiler",
    "vi": "Bài viết",
    "zh-CN": "文章",
    "zh-TW": "貼文"
  "settings": [
      "type": "checkbox",
      "id": "blog_show_author",
      "label": {
        "cs": "Zobrazit autora",
        "da": "Vis forfatter",
        "de": "Autor anzeigen",
        "en": "Show author",
        "es": "Mostrar autor",
        "fi": "Näytä tekijä",
        "fr": "Afficher l'auteur",
        "it": "Mostra autore",
        "ja": "執筆者を表示する",
        "ko": "작성자 표시",
        "nb": "Vis forfatter",
        "nl": "Auteur weergeven",
        "pl": "Pokaż autora",
        "pt-BR": "Exibir autor",
        "pt-PT": "Mostrar autor",
        "sv": "Visa författare",
        "th": "แสดงผู้เขียน",
        "tr": "Yazarı göster",
        "vi": "Hiển thị tác giả",
        "zh-CN": "显示作者",
        "zh-TW": "顯示作者"
      "default": true
      "type": "checkbox",
      "id": "blog_show_date",
      "label": {
        "cs": "Zobrazit datum",
        "da": "Vis dato",
        "de": "Datum anzeigen",
        "en": "Show date",
        "es": "Mostrar fecha",
        "fi": "Näytä päivämäärä",
        "fr": "Afficher la date",
        "it": "Mostra data",
        "ja": "日付を表示する",
        "ko": "날짜 표시",
        "nb": "Vis dato",
        "nl": "Datum weergeven",
        "pl": "Pokaż datę",
        "pt-BR": "Exibir data",
        "pt-PT": "Mostrar data",
        "sv": "Visa datum",
        "th": "แสดงวันที่",
        "tr": "Tarihi göster",
        "vi": "Hiển thị ngày",
        "zh-CN": "显示日期",
        "zh-TW": "顯示日期"
      "default": true
      "type": "checkbox",
      "id": "show_share_buttons",
      "label": {
        "cs": "Zobrazit tlačítka pro sdílení na sociálních sítích",
        "da": "Vis knapper til deling på sociale medier",
        "de": "Buttons für Social Media anzeigen",
        "en": "Show social sharing buttons",
        "es": "Mostrar botones para compartir en redes sociales",
        "fi": "Näytä sosiaalisen median jakamispainikkeet",
        "fr": "Afficher les boutons de partage sur les médias sociaux",
        "it": "Mostra i pulsanti per la condivisione sui social",
        "ja": "ソーシャルメディアでの共有ボタンを表示する",
        "ko": "소셜 공유 버튼 표시",
        "nb": "Vis knapper for deling på sosiale medier",
        "nl": "Knoppen voor sociaal delen weergeven",
        "pl": "Pokaż przyciski udostępniania w mediach społecznościowych",
        "pt-BR": "Exibir botões de compartilhamento em redes sociais",
        "pt-PT": "Mostrar botões de partilha nas redes sociais",
        "sv": "Visa knappar för delning i sociala medier",
        "th": "แสดงปุ่มสำหรับแชร์ลงโซเชียล",
        "tr": "Sosyal medya paylaşım düğmelerini göster",
        "vi": "Hiển thị nút chia sẻ qua mạng xã hội",
        "zh-CN": "显示社交分享按钮",
        "zh-TW": "顯示社群分享按鈕"
      "default": true
{% endschema %}

Thank you! 

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@MITACJ I would like to see the HTML that you have added in the blog content too. 

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@NerdCurator Sorry, forgot to tag you. The blog post content is in my other reply. 

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This is an accepted solution.

You're not closing the anchor tag (so it's missing the closing </a> tag) that surrounds the blog image.

I would expect to see something more like this:


<a href="{{ article.url }}" class="article__link">
      {% if article.image %}
            ... existing code, truncated for smaller forum post size.
      {% endif %}

<div class="rte">
      {{ article.content }}


Though I would also prob move the anchor to within that conditional statement so you don't end up with an empty link in the times that you don't have an image. eg.

{% if article.image %}
    <a href="{{ article.url }}" class="article__link">
            ... existing code, truncated for smaller forum post size.
{% endif %}

<div class="rte">
      {{ article.content }}


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THAT DID IT! Sharp eyes! Thanks so much for your help. That has been driving me bonkers!!