Flatten Product Tabs on Mobile Devices

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Hey everyone,

We're rolling out the next rev on our web store and are having an issue witht the tabs in the product pages.  We're using the Retina theme and are very happy with it.  It was a no brainer to change over to the tabs as our product descriptions continued to grow and made it copy heavy.

Now we're seeing that users on mobile devices aren't really identifiying the tabs as tabs.  With 80%+ of our user base coming to us on mobile platforms this is obviously something we want to address.

What I would like is for the tabs to flatten out when it detects a mobile device.  Something that makes it more obvious or handles the viewing differently.  I'm open to thoughts on this one as flattening tabs is a pretty normal thing for wordpress sites etc.  This is our first eCommerce venture, so the nuances are sticking out a bit.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Chris, I was faced with the similar problem. You can see how I approached the problem here


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Hi Chris,


Did you find a solution for this issue? Now I am facing the same one - my product tabs become quite messy when viewed on mobile, so I would like to make them stay in a single row.