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we are doing a store with various floor products. These sometimes is sold pr. square meter, some times by length, sometimes pr. boxes, and sometimes just one item at a time.

Depending on the product, I would like to have prices displayed like this: 

  • 149,-
  • 99,- pr. m2
  • 199,- pr. meter
  • 799,- pr. box 

I don’t know about other countries, but avoiding information like this in our country is considered risky. 

Also a question; Why isn’t this unit price feature available globally? This would have helped us a long way: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/intro-to-shopify/initial-setup/sell-in-germany/price-per-unit#add...

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Hi @Øyvind_Sægrov,

You can use product tags to select which measure do you want on a specific product, a tag like: measure:pr. meter

Then edit the liquid code for product page.

We can do this changes for you if you send us an Email with your Shopify store URL like mystore.myshopify.com then we will send you an invitation to your Shopify as a collaborator.

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