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Hello , 

I would like to upload small videos made from flixel (short videos that look like gifs ) to my products when my customers visualize the items . 

I have tried uploading them to the descriptions and works just fine with embeded links , probably I will need to customize the theme to try to make my page support videos but I'm not sure if shopify supports videos on the viwing options of the item 

If anyone can help me please let me know what I could do 

These options are common on pages like amazon where you can see the models moving when you see the item . 

Also if you know about any apps on shopify taht could do the same let me know 


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Hi Gaby. Great idea using cinemagraphs on your store. Many of our customers tell us that they see incredible lift in results for products that use cinemagraphs created with Flixel apps. There's two ways to use the cinemagraphs you create with Cinemagraph Pro.

  1. You can upload them to your gallery on flixel.com and use the embed code. The embed code is a snippet that you would paste onto the page. The benefit of using the Flixel embed is that it handles playback of the cinemagraph on all devices including mobile.
  2. You can export an MP4 from Cinemagraph Pro and use the video. Just make sure you set the video to loop and autoplay.

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